These folks have published games around the world, or are in the process of designing, manufacturing, funding, distributing, and/or selling their games. To help you get advice relevant to you, we've got a few sigils to show level of experience and achievement.

Many have contributed to the Guild Guide to Game Design, sharing their thoughts and learned lessons on over a hundred topics to do with the art, science and business of making, publishing and selling boardgames.

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  • Grandmaster | Tin Star Games

    Steve Dee is a tall bald man from Sydney, Australia who can't seem to stop making games. He has won several awards and nominations for his game designs (including four Ennies) and has worked as a designer, writer, consultant, educator, critic, reviewer, columnist, journalist, event co-ordinator, editor, publisher, podcaster and just about everything else in the industry over the last twenty years. His freelance RPG credits include Warhammer (2nd, 3rd and 4th edition), Shadow of the Demon Lord, Vampire: The Requiem and more. His board game credits include British vs Pirates, Fantasy Pug Racing, Betrayal at House on the Hill and LetterHead. He also trains dogs If you're looking for his old RPG stuff for Warhammer or Cortex, click those words! 
  • Grandmaster | STEAM Galaxy Studios

    A scientist with experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. Former Fulbright scholar and PhD pursuing discipline-based education research to improve outcomes for students in STEM. Ariel has published 8 peer-reviewed scientific articles and chapters, won 2 grants to design game-based education interventions from Stanford University and from Advance Queensland, and designs award-winning educational board games. 
  • Masters | The Joy Dispensary

    Olivia Cosham and Stace Callaghan (from The Joy Dispensary), are Brisbane play-based entrepreneurs, musicians, facilitators and educators who live to have fun! The dynamic duo met at an African drumming retreat and the creative connection was instant. Four years later, the pair has birthed a musical baby... Oom-Pah!

    Liv’s knowledge of music was way beyond Stace’s grasp, so we were forced to scaffold the game by introducing absolute basics and building to more complex music concepts. We realised we had the perfect combination of ignorance and knowledge to create an addictive game that enables a complete novice to play with a maestro! 
  • Phase 3 Tabletop Game Production Service - Distribution and Ongoing Sales - Guildmaster Games

    Master | State of Mind Games

    Previously the lead designer at Savage Yeti Games, co-designing "The Stars Align" which was published by Breaking Games as well as a word game app available on iOS & Android called "PatchWord".

    Since leaving Savage Yeti, Sean has formed his own design business, State of Mind Games, & released Panakizhi which is a co-design with Khairul Hamdan, and published the Pocket Game Design Kit as a Kickstarter Make100 project. He currently has a number of other games still in the prototype stage.

    Sean Fenemore on BoardGameGeek 
  • Guildmember | Physical Digital

    Working on and gearing up for a revised Kickstarter campaign his first game, Prisoners Dilemma.

    Preview the campaign here 
  • Guildmembers | Robocalypse

    A group of former students who developed a card game together as part of a group assignment at university.

    Robocalypse is their first AI inspired drinking game. It encourages ethical debate and a critical examination of future technologies and societies. It’s perfect for rowdy dinner parties or pre-drinks with your rogue intelligent mates.

    Robocalypse Card Game - a thinking and drinking game 
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