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Tin Star Games

Baby Dragon Bedtime Card Game

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This indie game was created right here in Australia!

Like all infants, baby dragons never want to go to bed....

.....but Mama Dragon has yelled betime and the dragons don't have their boards in order! They'll have to be quick to grab the shiny coins before their brothers and sisters!

Baby Dragon Bedtime is a real-time game of memory, speed and furious fun! Players play all at once, flipping over cards and adding them to their deck as fast as they can.

The fastest dragon gets the gold - but watch out for dust bunnies!

A real-time deck builder that is a flurry of fun in just 5 minutes. Skill and bluffing are needed as well as speed though, as you need to grab the right cards at the right time.

A game where kids can beat their parents, and the surprises never stop!


  • 72 Cards
  • 12pp Rulebook

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