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The Ageing Revolution

Carked-It! The Hilarious Card Game of Life, Death and Beyond

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Carked-It! Is a new, tabletop game brought to you by The Ageing Revolution that takes a humorous angle to our inevitable end.

It aims to make having conversations about dying and death something to enjoy, have fun with, and even have a giggle or belly laugh over

Play with a group of 3-6 friends and choose what you want to happen before and after your death from a selection of ridiculous proposals. The best proposals put forward will be crowned as winners. From learning about gilded skulls, becoming a tree egg,  and deciding between death by lawnmower or by helicopter blade, to serious things like doing a will and writing posthumous revenge letters to your enemies - open up interesting and funny conversations about your inevitable end, while you still can!


Click try out the game right now on! Its free and browser-based, with no downloads necessary:


If you enjoyed Gloom, Trust Me I'm a Doctor, or Cards Against Humanity you will love this ridiculous party game and have fun learning something new about the people closest to you. Even though all of us will die someday, not all of us have had the opportunity to talk about our preferences with friends and family. Carked It! offers people the opportunity to have those sometimes difficult but extremely important conversations in a fun and silly way.


So how do you plan out your own final days? With the help of your friends of course! 

Each round, you'll randomly draw or choose the following: 

Argue to convince your dying friend to live their last days YOUR WAY
As the dying, you get to decide how you go out - in style, or with all guns blazing?
In the final round you get your last chance to browbeat the deceased into accepting your wisdom for how their corpse - we mean, dearly departed self - will be treated

How will you die? Over 72 ridiculous deaths to respond to!


:Team Members: 

Simon Lowe 

Was killed by a murderous pod of dolphins whilst hugging his great white shark friend.

Euan Black

Met their end via drag queen's stiletto straight through the neck.

Miki Brogan 

Ripped in half by big crab.

Jack Ford Morgan

Expired after being impaled by a rouge narwhal.

Danikah Harrison

Passed away peacefully, after a long fulfilling life, in a field of sunflowers.

Though this game covers the topic of death in a conversational and light-hearted way, the issue of death and grieving will be experienced by everyone at point in their lives. In addition to being a whole lot of fun, this game is intended to be used as an educational and conversation-starting resource for families, carers, and friends to discuss these often-difficult topics. Additionally, we of course do not condone or encourage any acts of self-harm, violence, or suicide, and want to provide some resource links below for anyone who is or knows someone who may need help:   

Lifeline Australia

Call Hours: Available 24 hours 

13 11 14

Suicide Prevention Australia

02 9262 1130