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Knight - A Storytelling Legacy, Chivalry, and Myth

Knight - A Storytelling Legacy, Chivalry, and Myth

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What is Knight?

Hail and well met!

KNIGHT is a tabletop storytelling and roleplaying game where you and your friends get to live out your knightly, chivalric fantasy with your friends. 

It is inspired by Welsh myth, the legends of King Arthur, the King Arthur Pendragon by Chaosium, Into the Odd by Chris McDowell, the Forged in the Dark games begun by John Harper and Microscope by Ben Robbins.

In this game you are a knight - though exactly what sort of knight is up to you. Perhaps you are a valorous tourney knight, skilled with the lance, or a master of occult lore. Perhaps you are a manipulator in the courts, with your spies whispering secrets in your ear, or a battlefield commander, ready to protect the realm. 

Whoever you create, your knight undoes evil and protects the innocent in Avalon - a fantastic land of magic and myth. You may slay monsters, drive back barbarian hordes, woo a spouse for power, fall in love with someone else, and die duelling your brother to the death for honour.
The game isn't just about your knight. Between quests, time passes, and the game provides procedures to tell grander stories. Perhaps your lands may be beset by raids, or a pagan faith appeal to give them safe harbour, and you (or your someone in your house) may find themselves an an illicit affair. You also create factions and points of interest about the world, which become in turn the seeds for later quests.

This game is designed to be welcoming to any who wish to strap on armour and fight for glory. There are no limitations to creating individuals of many types of faith, ideal, gender, or other personal identity, concept or disposition.  

Finally, your first character is not your last; in time, as your knights die or retire, their heirs take over the leadership of the House. When you have played three generations of knights is the campaign over. 

The Rules

Knight is a simple, modern system that combines elements of Into the Odd with storytelling principles from Powered by the Apocalypse and Forged in the Dark games. The rules are designed to be simple, fast, and require no referencing in play. 
The game is a d20 roll under system, with a key difference being that you are always effective. The D20 roll indicates whether some complication occurs. There are no to-hit rolls in this game; Instead, the dice are used to measure how effective you are each round, and to serve as a guide for description of the story.

Resolution for conflict is fast, with all players being involved in the narration and resolution of the mechanics.  

Features of KNIGHT

  • Straightforward, easy to understand rules that do not require referencing during moments of tension or action. 
  • A game about telling a story together, where all players contribute to build the world and people inside it who in turn becomes the focus of future adventures. 
  • A shared map created over the campaign to help build a world of knights, glory, and honour.
  • Stunning and evocative art from classical painters to assist envisioning the isle of Avalon and it's people.
  • A House sheet, where you create a map of your own fief and track the members of your household and the adventures they have. 
  • A Hardcover book to protect the valuable pages therein, as armour protects a knight from harm.
  • A solo player variant for those knights who quest - alone!

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