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Phase 2 Tabletop Game Production Service - Crowdfunding and Manufacturing

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This phase includes all of the steps of editing, project management, manufacturer liaising, sample order, approval and checking, building of Kickstarter or other campaign page, crowdfund approval submission, fulfilment planning, and so on that goes into the manufacturing and crowdfunding of a boardgame. It can take from 1-3 months, depending on your timeline and availability. My personal preference is to do weekly embedded days with payment split fortnightly.

Note: larger and more complex games may take longer. 
Stage 2 (of 5): Manufacturing 
  • Advanced Prototyping (ePrint, most likely) 
  • Manufacturing Estimates
  • Adjusting Design to Budget
  • Finding Manufacturers (quotations and stoking price competition) 
  • Creating and Ordering Test and Sample Copies
Stage 3 (of 5): Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding Strategy Session (incl. reward tiers, stretch goals, manufacturing options, shipping estimates and zones, etc) 
  • Reviewer soliciting and review copy manufacturing/costing/shipment planning 
  • Draft Page Build
  • Page Submission and Verification (for crowdfunding approval) 
  • Commissioning and Managing Page Build Upgrade/Review
  • Final Campaign Page Upload and Testing (full resolution/final images and animation/etc) 
  • Planning Launch Party (incl. booking, posters, badges, flyers, online promo, etc etc) 
  • Executing Launch Party (incl. managing the night, guests, game playthroughs, signing folks up to crowdfunding platform, etc) 
Any Phase of the service can be bought and used separately. A rough timeline for a full project would be: 

Month 1 - Initial playable rough draft complete and ready for Internal testing

Month 2 - Finalisation of prototype ready for Alpha testing, ePrint sample commissioned, manufacturing cost and crowdfunding cost (fulfilment, regions, tiers, etc) completed, and final scale/scope/complexity agreed. Discord server introduction, chatting, and playtest sessions through Tabletopia (ongoing throughout entire process. Focus: recruit and inspire evangelists by involving enthusiastic fans in design process, and rapidly showing reaction to their feedback) 
Month 3 - Advanced Prototype completed, ready for Beta testing. Crowdfunding Rough Page Build Begins. Option: Attend PAX Convention for email signups and feedback, and retailer/distributor awareness raising. Duration: 3 Days. Audience: 100,000+ Target: 1000 signups.

Month 4 - General custom artwork creation begins. Kickstarter draft page submitted for review and approval for launch: launch still months away, but onboarding of community for Notify on Launch begins 

Month 5 - General custom artwork creation ends, review copies go out: Christmas delivery if possible. Break weeks for holidays (I would keep working, but independently, if the rest of the team is on break) 

Month 6 - China Manufacturer sample arrives for comparison with ePrint one. Reviews collated for Kickstarter page. Video completed (if needed). Page build complete. 

Month 7 - Prelaunch Onboarding Target: 1000 signups. Crowdfunding Campaign Launch at end of month, or early March, hopefully on a relevant annual celebration day (International Steampunk Day or something akin!)

Month 8 - Manufacturing, Shipment and Fulfilment of the Game

Month 9 - Arrival of game in regional shipping centres

Month 10+ - ongoing sales to retailers and customers, plus Expansion development if desired, and planning for second editions/reprints