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Guildmaster Games

Phase 3 Tabletop Game Production Service - Distribution and Ongoing Sales

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Stages 4 and 5 (Fulfilment/Distribution, and Ongoing Sales and Promotion) would be on a seperate commission basis, but thats where your networks and own sales efforts are the larger part of it. My own reach is still building, but I do have retail and distributor contacts, and can do a full cost/benefit analysis and business plan for getting ROI as soon as possible through various B2B and B2C channels. 

Any Phase of the service can be bought and used separately. A rough timeline for a full project would be: 

Month 1 - Initial playable rough draft complete and ready for Internal testing

Month 2 - Finalisation of prototype ready for Alpha testing, ePrint sample commissioned, manufacturing cost and crowdfunding cost (fulfilment, regions, tiers, etc) completed, and final scale/scope/complexity agreed. Discord server introduction, chatting, and playtest sessions through Tabletopia (ongoing throughout entire process. Focus: recruit and inspire evangelists by involving enthusiastic fans in design process, and rapidly showing reaction to their feedback) 
Month 3 - Advanced Prototype completed, ready for Beta testing. Crowdfunding Rough Page Build Begins. Option: Attend PAX Convention for email signups and feedback, and retailer/distributor awareness raising. Duration: 3 Days. Audience: 100,000+ Target: 1000 signups.

Month 4 - General custom artwork creation begins. Kickstarter draft page submitted for review and approval for launch: launch still months away, but onboarding of community for Notify on Launch begins 

Month 5 - General custom artwork creation ends, review copies go out: Christmas delivery if possible. Break weeks for holidays (I would keep working, but independently, if the rest of the team is on break) 

Month 6 - China Manufacturer sample arrives for comparison with ePrint one. Reviews collated for Kickstarter page. Video completed (if needed). Page build complete. 

Month 7 - Prelaunch Onboarding Target: 1000 signups. Crowdfunding Campaign Launch at end of month, or early March, hopefully on a relevant annual celebration day (International Steampunk Day or something akin!)

Month 8 - Manufacturing, Shipment and Fulfilment of the Game

Month 9 - Arrival of game in regional shipping centres

Month 10+ - ongoing sales to retailers and customers, plus Expansion development if desired, and planning for second editions/reprints