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Truthseekers - Conspiracy Debate Game

Truthseekers - Conspiracy Debate Game

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Click here to download the rulebook update for 1st Edition

Truthseekers: Seek the Truth is a conspiracy debate game that encourages fast and engaging gameplay. Players use debate-style tactics to try to get the upper hand in a variety of conspiratorial scenarios. Feel like a real conspirator and challenge your opponents to reveal the truth!

Reveal the hidden methods and motives of the secret cabals controlling our world, while competing to join the Order of the Illuminati!

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 First, You Need To Know About This "Game":

Truthseekers: Seek the Truth is a card-based ILLUMINATI RECRUITMENT TOOL cleverly disguised as a super fun boardgame. It allows you to peel back the veils of secrecy to reveal the myriad, infinite and terrifying darkness of the worlds of conspiracy theories and secret societies.

The game combines the fast pace and snappy wit of Cards Against Humanity, and adds an impetus to defend your proposals each round through charm, coercion, creativity, and charisma. You'll need it, because your objective will take all your skill to accomplish your goal.

But What is your goal?

You're all trying to get into the Illuminati.

As Truthseekers, your aim each round is convincing the secret Illuminati players among you to pick you to be the one that joins their illustrious secret order.

But Who is Illuminati, and who is a Truthseeker?

Each round, you receive a random Hidden Identity card, which you keep secret from the other players:

There is always at least one Illuminati identity and one Truthseeker Identity. The rest are drawn randomly until there are as many Hidden Identities as there are players, shuffled with the base Illuminati and Truthseeker cards already drawn, then distributed unseen to each player. In this way, the number of Truthseekers and Illuminati changes each round, though will be slightly weighted towards more Truthseekers.  

Each round, it turns out the last round was just a fake round and now this round is the real round to get into the actual Illuminati. 

Yes, this happens each round until someone wins.

The winner of the round receives an Illuminati Identity card as a point. The first player to become Double Illuminati by winning two separate rounds is victorious and becomes the Grandmaster Alpha Illuminati Lizard-Dragon, and must be referred to as such until you play again and someone else wins. 

Also, using this term to refer to them is in the rules, so you must do it or suffer unholy/extraterrestrial consequences.   

But How do you play?

At the start of each round, players draw up to 5 each of the BUT WHO?, BUT HOW?, and BUT WHY?! cards, and then must piece together conspiracy theories each round from these parts, and a prompt card chosen by the previous round's winner. (During the first round, it is a random But How card that is the starting card to build from).  

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