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Tabletopia/Tabletop Simulator Digital Board Game Conversion

Tabletopia/Tabletop Simulator Digital Board Game Conversion

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I'm able to convert your files into digital versions for Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia! Digital versions of analogue games are great because they allow you to do a number of development and promotional activities.


1. They're helpful for potential customers to try the game before buying, and better inform their decision.

2. You can test the game and mechanics at full fidelity, without needing to print a new demo copy

3. Reviewers in other countries are able to try the game, with your guidance, and give their recommendations for both crowdfunding and final release products

4. You can update a digital version continually, as the files are easy to change and switch out

5. Spacing out your game and how big a box you will need is easier when you can see how all the components relate to eachother on a virtual table

6. Virtual photography for testing/crowdfunding/pre-order info sheets

7. During crowdfunding, backers can try the game out and decide to support it. 

8. Generally, you can have fun flipping virtual tables and playing with your friends!


All I need are the draft and/or finished files for cards, boards, dice, tokens, rulebook pages, etc, and can recreate them on these platforms. Tokens and dice are available, even custom ones. STLs can be uploaded to create 3D models of the appropriate size. 


I will contact you for a one hour interview session about your game, the various components, and how you would like everything to be set up. Following this, I will create a virtual draft for your perusal (either under your Tabletopia/Tabletop Simulator account or Guildmaster's, depending on your preference). Another round of revisions may take place, and then the final product launched and delivered. 

Establishing this account can be part of the service if you wish. Otherwise, I will need collaborator access or temporary login information. 


Currently, I am unable to make scripting, automation, or AI, however am working on finding someone skilled in this area to collaborate on providing such a service.

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