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The Emerald Flame

The Emerald Flame

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A strange comet, an extraordinary alchemist, and a mysterious elixir. Will you uncover the secrets of the Emerald Flame?

Hours of puzzles with an interwoven narrative packed into a beautifully illustrated tabletop game. 

Always another puzzle! With The Emerald Flame in your hands you can discover 3 secret messages hiding in the box artwork.

Like a blend of escape rooms, board games, and interactive fiction, The Emerald Flame tells an exciting story over three distinct episodes, each packed with puzzles of varying difficulty designed to challenge and engage players of all experience levels.

Commissioned by the Koschei Historical Society, you will take on the role of a historical expert and embark on a quest to piece together a recipe for a transformative elixir by deciphering messages, interpreting alchemical diagrams, and manipulating mysterious artifacts. 

Play cooperatively as a group or go on a solo adventure! Each of the 3 chapters takes about 2-3 hours to solve, totaling 6-9 hours of gameplay. 

PostCurious, the company behind the “insidiously clever” puzzle adventure The Tale of Ord, invites you to be part of the story and uncover what many have sought for centuries: what hides in the glow of The Emerald Flame.   



The Emerald Flame requires no setup, and no complicated rules. You will need an internet-connected device for the use of a web browser, but there is no outside knowledge or research required.   

Play The Emerald Flame in your language: The majority of puzzles in The Emerald Flame do not depend on language and the few that do require only a very basic understanding of English. To make The Emerald Flame more accessible to a global audience, we currently plan to translate all the text in the game to make playing in Spanish, German, and French as easy as possible. Players will be able to download a free PDF and read all the clues and letters in their chosen language while using the physical components to solve the puzzles. 


  • Game design & illustrations: Rita Orlov
  • Writing & editing: Rita Orlov, Fernando Bolles-Barquero, & Jessica Lachenal
  • Cover artwork: Liiga Klavina 
  • Graphic design: Hanna Bjorkman
  • Postcard artwork: Jack Fallows 
  • Web development: Micheal Parks
  • Video production: Jan-Luc Van Damme 
  • Special thanks: Fernando Bolles-Barquero, Hillary Manning, Theresa Wagner, Jan-Luc Van Damme, Kathleen Ottinger, AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Micheal Parks, Kailyn Vokalous, Jessy & Catie Catterwaul, and Jack Fallows for all their help with this project!
  • Thank you to our playtesters: Alex Rosenthal, Bethany Rickwald, Theresa Wagner, Ryan Byrne, Hillary Manning, Roman Rekhler, C.J. Smith, Amanda Dupuy, Edouard Daunas, Sanjay Koduvalli, Madeline Bauer, Sam Frebes, Theresa Piazza, Brendan Lutz, Tracey Hayse, Alex Pon, Risa Puno, Jan-Luc Van Damme, Avi Dobkin, Jessy & Catie Catterwaul, Kailyn & Nikolas Vokalous, Janessa Volk, Maria Poplawska, Mariyah Kurchuk, and David Haines.

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