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The Light in the Mist

The Light in the Mist

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A narrative puzzle adventure in the form of a beautifully illustrated tarot deck.

From the minds behind The Emerald Flame and Cryptogram Puzzle Post, The Light in the Mist is a story, puzzle game, and functional tarot deck. Featuring 78 custom-illustrated cards, The Light in the Mist will challenge and engage fans of escape rooms, board games, and interactive fiction. 

When your friend’s mysterious disappearance results in the discovery of an unusual item, you suddenly find yourself embarking on a journey through time. Experience a character-driven story told through the memories of a missing friend, using an object that serves as a tarot deck, a puzzle game, and a work of art. 

The Light in the Mist weaves together tarot, puzzles, storytelling, and art.

Packed with a variety of puzzles and choose-your-own-path style non-linear gameplay, The Light in the Mist can be played solo or cooperatively in a small group and will engage players of all experience levels with over five hours of gameplay. You will need to manipulate cards, find hidden messages, and solve logic and word problems in order to uncover the deck’s secrets. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges thrown your way without getting lost in the mist?



The tarot deck contains 78 cards, 22 of which make up a special suit known as the Major Arcana. Each contains a puzzle that can be solved using cards from the other four suits in the deck—the Minor Arcana. Aside from the first and last puzzle, the challenges can be completed in any order, facilitating a choose-your-own-path style gameplay. Every group will experience the non-linear story in their own way, without having to learn any complicated rules. 



More about the game

  • Some puzzles can solve to multiple answers, with each solution connected to a different story passage. You can choose whether to derive just one answer per puzzle or try to solve for all possible answers and gain additional pieces of the narrative.
  • The puzzles vary in difficulty; some are simple and others take multiple steps. If you get stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry! You’ll have a detailed online hinting system at your disposal should you need a nudge in the right direction.
  • The puzzles are modular. You can sit down for several hours and dive deep into the game or just solve one card at a time with your morning coffee. You can also choose to split up puzzles between your teammates or all work together on each challenge.
  • No knowledge of tarot and no outside resources are required to play. Accessing the hint system will require use of the internet, but aside from that, all you need is a pencil and paper.
  • The included booklet also contains a "Reading the Tarot" section in the back, with information about card meanings and tarot spreads for those who wish to learn more and continue their tarot journey.
  •  The Light in the Mist tells a made-up story about real-world situations. Click here to view a content advisory (contains spoilers).    

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