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Tabletop Game Production Consultation - 1 Hour Ad Hoc

Tabletop Game Production Consultation - 1 Hour Ad Hoc

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60 minutes of time, online or in person (Brisbane) to use however you like, to get your project ready no matter what phase it is at, what your budget is, and what your goals are for your game/career in tabletop game production.

Purchase 1 or more hours and I will contact you within 1-2 business days to arrange when/how to do an initial consultation. 


Services can include any/all of the following to suit your needs:


  • Exploring Your Topic
  • Design Feedback
  • Design Services
  • Conducting Expert Interviews
  • Professional Contacts
  • Identifying Mechanics
  • Production Management
  • Defining a Budget
  • Choosing Mechanics
  • Basic Prototyping
  • Rapid Iteration
  • Closing the Gameplay Loop
  • Assessing Gamification - the Checklist
  • Gathering Feedback from Players
  • Gathering Feedback from Stakeholders
  • Art Commissioning
  • Contract Review and Royalty Advice 
  • Production Team Management and/or Consultation
  • Thick Skin and Mindreading - How to Use Feedback
  • Educational Game Design
  • STEAM Game Design (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)


  • Advanced Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Estimates
  • Design to Budget
  • Basic Business Ideas
  • Crowdfunding and Content Creation
  • Finding Manufacturers
  • Test and Sample Copies
  • Ordering 100 copies
  • Ordering 1,000 copies
  • Ordering 10,000 copies
  • Print on Demand Services Contacts/Advice and/or Management
  • Roleplaying game books and POD printing

Crowdfunding + Fulfilment

  • Page Build Templates
  • Tier Construction
  • Manufacturing and Stretch Goal Costing
  • Campaign Review
  • Writing, Scripting, Graphic Design
  • Entire Campaign Production and Management
  • Liaising with Artists/Writers/Editors
  • Collaboration/Cross-Promotion


  • Australian, New Zealand, and North American Distribution to Retail 
  • General Customs and Tax Contacts, and Non-Legal Advice 
  • Pallet, Stock and Shipping Management
  • Stock Storage and Pick-and-Pack in Australia and USA
  • Global stock distribution planning and logistics design
  • Pitching to Publishers
  • Contract Construction and Review


  • Information/Sales Sheet Design
  • Sell strategy planning
  • Demo copies and dedicated in-store visits
  • Retailer contacts and emails
  • Guildmaster Catalogue Integration
  • Tiered Pricing and Estimates Consultation and Templates 


  • Building an Audience
  • Building a Brand
  • Game Promotion
  • Basic Advertising
  • Working with Retailers
  • Working with Distributors
  • Building an Email List
  • Running Events
  • Working with Reviewers
  • Establishing Social Media
  • Building a Team

    Game Production/Crowdfunding/Consultation History

    Successful Games and Crowdfunding Campaigns Created/Advised On

    2022 Trust Me I'm a Collection - New Expansions for Trust Me Series

    2022 Sats & Stats Return to Earth - Retail Edition (QUT)

    2022 Carked-It! The Hilarious Card Game of Life, Death and Beyond (Ageing Revolution)

    2022 Biosphere 3: Grow and Guide Your Own Ecosystem - Print and Play (QUT)

    2022 Proceed to Gate: Design the Perfect Airport - Print and Play (QUT)

    2022 Frog Logs: Fun, Frantic, Travel-Size Frog-Stacking (Guildmaster)

    2022 Robocalypse Card Game (Robocalypse Team)

    2021 Partners: A Roleplaying Game of Mystery Television for Two Players (Tin Star Games)

    2021 TMIAD Expansion: Witchcraft and Wizardry (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 TMIAD Expansion: Surgeons at Sea (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 Xenohunters: Sci Fi Horror on the Galactic Frontier (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 TMIASH Expansion: NSFW Superheroes (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 TMIASH Expansion: Silly Superheroes (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 Trust Me I'm a Superhero Card Game (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 Pocket Game Design Kit (State of Mind Games)

    2020 One-Shot Western: 1000 Player Wild West Convention Megagame (Ink & Gumption)

    2020 Trust Me I'm a Doctor  (Ink & Gumption)

    2019 One-Shot Flintlock: 50 Player Pirate Convention Megagame (Ink & Gumption)

    2019 Animal Empire (Ink & Gumption)

    2019 Virtual Reef Diver: Tabletop Edition (QUT) 

    2019 The Big Bite - Mosquito Virality Game - Print and Play (QUT)

    2019 Sats & Stats Return to Earth - School Workshop Edition (QUT)

    2018 Sean Dowling's Terrible Candidates (Sean Dowling Art & Design)


    Unsuccessful but learned from

    2022 The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Tabletop Roleplaying Game (funded but unfulfilled) (Ink & Gumption)

    2021 Animal World War (80% funded of $20,000 goal) (Ink & Gumption)

    2020 Prisoner's Dilemma (80% funded of $4,000 goal) (Ink & Gumption)

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